Best Nursing Schools in Alabama

Earning a nursing degree is the first step toward becoming a registered nurse in Alabama. Passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) exam and meeting Alabama Board of Nursing requirements are required.

To become a registered nurse in Alabama, you must first complete an accredited and board-approved education program.

Approved programs cover nursing care across the lifespan and prepare nurses to act in accordance with the Alabama Board of Nursing’s scope of duty.

Nursing Schools in Alabama

Here are a few Nursing schools in Alabama.

1. UAB School of Nursing

As part of a research university and academic health center, the UAB School of Nursing shapes patient-centered, equitable health care by preparing diverse leaders who excel in practice, scholarship, and education in Alabama, nationally, and internationally.

In 1950, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Nursing became the University of Alabama School of Nursing (UASON). The school relocated from Tuscaloosa to the UA’s rapidly expanding Birmingham satellite campus in 1967, where it became a component of the academic complex that, in 1969, became an autonomous university – now known as the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

This school’s history dates back to 1903, with Birmingham-based nursing education roots embedded in diploma nursing education provided by hospitals that became the foundation for UAB’s internationally recognized medical center.

Today, the UAB School of Nursing, which offers baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in nursing, remains a pioneer in educating nurse leaders.

Address: 1701 University Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35294, United States

Phone: +1 205-934-5428

2. Capstone College of Nursing

The Capstone College of Nursing (CCN) at the University of Alabama prepares graduates for professional nursing practice.

The college is a national leader in clinical simulation in nursing education, utilizing simulators and telehealth technology in teaching, research, and patient care.

They collaborate with a number of reputable health care facilities to provide clinical experiences that ease the transition into the workforce and prepare graduates for challenges after graduation.

In addition to a traditional BSN program, CCN offers online and blended degree programs that allow practicing nurses to further their education.

An RN Mobility track leading to a BSN or MSN is available, as are Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degrees, a Doctor of Nursing Practice, and a Doctorate of Education in Nursing (EdD).

Capstone College of Nursing is proud to provide their nursing graduates with the knowledge and skills required for lifelong learning in a rapidly changing health care system.

Address: 650 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, United States

Phone: +1 205-348-6639

3. College of Nursing, University of South Alabama

The College of Nursing’s mission is to provide high-quality, innovative educational programs to a diverse student body, to engage in research and scholarly activities, and to serve the University, the profession, and the public.

Also, this is accomplished by providing a caring, engaging environment for the empowerment of student learning potential, faculty professional development, and promotion of the nursing profession.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program makes the most of each student’s education. Traditionally, the first two years are spent fulfilling general university requirements with courses in science, math, arts, and humanities, while the last two years are devoted to professional nursing preparation.

For students with a bachelor’s degree in another field, the CON offers an accelerated program. In addition, RNs with an Associate Degree in Nursing or a diploma can pursue an RN-BSN pathway.

The RN to BSN Pathway at the University of South Alabama College of Nursing is specifically designed to meet the needs of Registered Nurses with a current RN license seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Address: 5721 USA Dr. N. Room 3068 Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Phone: +1 251-445-9400

Fax: (251) 445-9416

4. UAH College of Nursing

Huntsville’s University of Alabama is a research-intensive, internationally recognized technological university that serves Alabama and beyond.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville will be a preeminent, comprehensive, technologically intensive research university known for inspiring and instilling a spirit of discovery, the ability to solve complex problems, and a passion for improving the human condition – a university of choice where technology and human understanding converge.

The College of Nursing is committed to educating and inspiring individuals to become nurse leaders who act with integrity, discover through scientific methods, and advocate for people’s and communities’ best health care experiences in a complex and evolving health care environment.

They are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, practice, and service in collaboration with their university colleagues and community partners.

Address: 1619 Ben Graves Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35816, United States

Phone: +1 2568246742

5. Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing

The Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing prepares students to be compassionate caregivers by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need.

There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to be a nurse. The way they deliver health care in the country is changing faster than at any other time in history, and these changes are occurring with or without government reform.

If nursing is your calling, Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing has everything you need to prepare you to provide skilled, compassionate care in almost any clinical setting.

They offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees to help you tailor your education to your specific calling. Everything they do is in the context of Samford University, a unique Christian university founded on faith and service.

Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing nurtures students while providing high-quality nursing education in a Christian setting, preparing caring, competent, and compassionate graduates who are committed to service, scholarship, lifelong learning, and professional practice.

Address: 2100 Lakeshore Dr, Birmingham, AL 35229, United States

Contact: +1 205-726-2278

6. Herzing University – Birmingham

As the healthcare industry evolves, so does the demand for educated, skilled nurses. Herzing University understands the critical role that nurses play, so they have expanded their nursing programs to provide you with more options and ways to earn your nursing degree.

The general requirements for their ASN, BSN, and MSN degrees vary depending on the degree program.

A high school diploma or equivalent, as well as a minimum GPA, are required for enrollment in undergraduate degree programs (ASN/ADN, BSN).

Before acceptance, most programs require an interview with a Herzing admissions advisor. Conditional admission may be available for students who are awaiting the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX).

Address: 280 W Valley Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209, United States

Contact: +1 205-791-5860

7. AU College of Nursing

Auburn University has grown to become one of the largest universities in the South, remaining at the forefront of education with its traditional blend of arts and applied science and adapting to today’s needs while honoring Auburn’s traditions and spirit.

In the twenty-first century, Auburn University will emerge as one of the nation’s preeminent comprehensive land-grant universities.

The University’s historic commitment to serving all Alabamians will be central to all of its functions as the state transitions into a global society with all of its challenges and opportunities.

Also, the Auburn University College of Nursing (AUCON) was founded in 1979, and the first class of 27 juniors was admitted in the fall quarter of that year.

The majority of the students were drawn from the School of Home Economics’ pre-nursing curriculum. The first year, there were five full-time faculty members. In 1981, twenty-four students graduated in the first class.

Address: 710 South Donahue Drive Auburn University, AL 36849-5218

Contact: +1 334-844-5665

8. Troy University School of Nursing

As a Troy University Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program graduate, you will be prepared to work as a registered nurse in a variety of healthcare settings.

You will have specific knowledge of biological sciences, humanities, and nursing science that is required for nursing practice in both acute and long-term care settings.

Courses in the ASN program’s professional core and supporting liberal arts coursework are designed to foster personal and professional responsibility, leadership, appreciation of the sciences, humanities, and the environment, as well as an appreciation for the importance of life-long learning.

The ASN program is led by faculty who are highly educated and experienced. Faculty members have many years of clinical experience and work in the clinical setting on a regular basis to best prepare their students for clinical practice.

Pass rates on the NCLEX-RN, the Alabama Board of Nursing’s standard for all schools, for Troy University ASN students are consistently above 80%. The five-semester program adequately prepares students for immediate entry into the nursing workforce upon graduation.

Address: 340 Montgomery St, Montgomery, AL 36104, United States

Contact: +1 334-834-2320

9. South University, Montgomery

South University offers a welcoming, supportive learning environment that encourages you to interact with a community of faculty, staff, and students eager to assist you in achieving your educational goals, both on campus and online.

They take pride in the South experience of small classes that provide hands-on experience that will help shape not only your skills and excellence in your chosen field, but also your character through community involvement, volunteerism, and the pursuit of life-long learning.

South University Montgomery’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program is designed to provide students with a solid educational foundation that prepares them for entry into the nursing profession.

Students can finish prerequisite courses in as few as six quarters before applying for admission to the nursing program, which is taught over seven quarters.

The program enables highly motivated full-time students to complete their nursing program of study in a short period of time.

The BSN graduate will be able to provide care for individuals, families, and communities by incorporating the concepts of caring, communication, critical thinking, professionalism, and holism.

Address: 5355 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116, United States

Contact: +1 334-395-8800

Conclusion on the Nursing Schools in Alabama

Nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling profession. Nurses are critical to the proper operation of healthcare systems.

They assist in the administration of drugs and treatments, provide support to patients experiencing physical and emotional pain, and can provide comfort to worried families and loved ones.

Nursing school is essential because we need a nursing school to train and educate nurses. We are devoted at nursinglines to giving you the information you need to scale through your nursing career.


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